Global Light Rail Awards 2022

RVLR shortlisted for Global Light Rail Awards 2022

We have been shortlisted for the Technical Innovation of the Year – Rolling Stock at the Global Light Rail Awards 2022, winners will be announced on 5th October 2022. The judging panel for this year deliberated over almost 100 entries across 17 categories.

Our engineering team combined technology from the automotive and rail sectors. This has produced a lightweight, energy-efficient vehicle that is straightforward to operate and geared to the needs of communities.

We overcame several technical challenges. Some related to the guidelines and standards that typically apply to the ‘heavier’ side of rail. But the most interesting were those relating to optimising the design of components to reduce weight.

Examples of Technical Innovation in Light Rail

Involving our suppliers in the technical decision-making process for the Composite Mouldings. This included the scale of the components being manufactured. As well as the use of newly introduced bio-composite resins which meet the rail vehicle standards.

The creative use of adhesives in the assembly process. At an early part of the project, Transport Design International brought on board the technical assistance of a supplier that had developed its products across the marine and automotive industries. The use of structural adhesives in the assembly process reduces assembly operations significantly. The engineering team simulated the composite structures using finite element analysis methods with verification lab tests to confirm true material property characteristics. This provided the confidence to proceed with the materials and subsequent design work

“RVLR is certainly an impressive, innovative piece of kit which I can see having a big impact on local transport systems in the not-too-distant future.”

- Mike Cliffe

Lancashire County Council

We look forward to celebrating the outstanding achievements of Very Light Rail at the Global Light Rail Awards 2022 on 5th October by Mainspring.