Award-winning project

Innovation category

Technical innovation of the year - rolling stock

Insider’s Made in Midlands Automotive, Aerospace and Rail Award

About Revolution VLR

Revolution Very Light Rail (RVLR) is an innovative, lightweight, cost-effective rail vehicle that provides a compelling alternative to operating traditional heavy rail vehicles on branch lines. Its low mass reduces all aspects of operating costs and can significantly improve the business cases for line reopenings and extensions, enhancing local connectivity.

RVLR’s innovative design combines automotive and rail technologies to provide an attractive, environmentally and economically sustainable product that can be deployed rapidly.

RVLR facilitates modal shift and enhanced rail connectivity. It supports a more affordable, greener future for our railways.

Our Mission

To work in partnership to deliver a greener, more reliable, high-quality passenger experience which fully supports decarbonisation, modal shift and provides economic sustainability.

project history


design phase

RVLR design philosophy focused on three key areas: lightweighting, modularity and sustainability.


vehicle build

Construction of RVLR began in 2019. Installation and integration then commenced.


Demonstration environment

A purpose-built marketing and development site was set up in Ironbridge to showcase RVLR in a full line reopening context.