The power packs for the Revolution Very Light Rail (VLR) vehicle have been successfully delivered by a team of engineers at WMG, University of Warwick, Avid Technology, and Cummins. Delivery of the power packs, which have undergone full performance validation, will support the continuing integration and testing of the Revolution VLR Demonstrator vehicle following its move to the Quinton Rail Technology Centre (QRTC) at Long Marston, Warwickshire in November.

The power pack, which was developed and tested by engineers in the Vehicle Energy Facility (VEF) at WMG, demonstrates the successful transfer of state-of-the-art automotive engine technology to a rail environment. This efficient hybrid diesel-electric powertrain ensures the vehicle has zero-emissions operation in stations, also reducing noise levels. The lithium titanate battery packs were selected for their performance, safety and durability.

Dan Harland, Technical Advisor (Machine Integration) at Cummins said: “It’s great to see this important milestone being reached by the VLR team – another step forward for the validation of electrification in heavy-duty applications.”

Chris Appleby, Systems Integration Project Manager at AVID Technology Limited said: “The Avid team are proud to have been part of such an exciting and revolutionary project. We are all looking forward to the months ahead and the start of real-world testing.”